Laura Adel - NEW MEDIA ART


LASG_05 / come alone

These are vast scapes of cyberspace. Observe from afar. Alone. Come closer. Then - Cyberscape – yours by you – moved.

Interactive video installation exhibited at international exhibition "Palimpsests of Art' at Gepart Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland 03.2024.

LASG_04 / constancy of the change

In a space of constant change, time is continuous. Forms return in constant pursuit of self-transcendence.

The video is based on visualizations created for LASG concerts, 09.2023.


Documentation of interactive environment based on Kinect Azure sensor.

International Art Symposium IT WAS, IT IS and IT WILL BE, 09.2023.


Interactive installation based on 3D printed model of the stone and it’s portrait on the screen. The representation moves according to the rotation of the object.

Installation exhibited in Gallery Colony of Artists, Gdansk, Poland 08.2023


I rise up from the pressure of strong and certain forces.I break out from the cracks, I strengthen and turn from the opposite.

Video created at the residency MagiC Carpets – platform for Creative Europe by European Union, hosted by Wroclaw Institute of Culture, 06.2023.

Sporo Wody x Laura Adel

Dwell deeper under the water till you just breath in the rhythm of endless waves which comes and goes as abb and flow.

Video, 08.2023.


The video shows the center rotating around its midpoint and the sound of its rubbing.
LASG is a audiovisual duo of S. Galuschka (music) and L. Adel (visuals).

ICIA - work selected in The International Competition for Intermedia Work of Art, Cracow 2022.


Interactive installation designed for three floors on evacuation staircase on the parking space.

Work created as a master degree, 2019.


Interactive installation based on sensual representation of the stone and the material stone.

Installation created in 2023.


Video documents the visualisation for Spirit Fingers. Objects and compositionds reflects the nature of music.

Visualisation created for International Festival Beat and Bass, 2018.


Przestrzenie (The Spaces) are areas waiting for something to happen – they give objects and elements room for interaction. The video is focused on dual nature of each object and its cooperation with surroundings.

Video belons to the collection of international art gallery Urban Screen Production, 2017.


The ‘Combustion’ tells a story about inner fire. Video is created from camera footage.

Video belons to the collection of international art gallery Urban Screen Production.
Selected for International Festival of Abstract Movies Punto Y Raya, 2018.


Video represtents the transformation of the composition, playing around with positive and negative space, creating ilusions and changing relations within the objects.

Video created in 2018.